Still Meadow is a sanctuary and setting for contemplation, group events and restorative experience combining the beauty of our rich old growth forest with leading edge experiential learning. We are dedicated to the evolution in consciousness and have been for over forty years with reverence for the earth and the sacredness of spirit in expression. Set on 50 acres of forest and meadow, with a year-round running creek, hiking trails and sauna, our lush setting provides a nurturing environment that inspires a deepening of experience.  Originally founded as an intentional community in 1976, Still Meadow later transitioned into a retreat and conference center. Event organizers and participants can immediately sense community atmosphere that has developed over the last 35 years

The Still Meadow sanctuary room is designed according to the proportions of sacred geometry. These proportions are found throughout all of nature, from the tree to the human body, to the solar system. Using these natural proportions has resulted in a space that both opens the individual and sustains the energy of a group in a remarkable way.

With its beautifully landscaped grounds, located in rural Damascus, Oregon, only a half hour from both downtown Portland and the Portland International Airport, the Still Meadow meeting facility offers a secluded and safe setting for retreats and workshops. Join us to host your next event or attend one of our many wonderful experiences in transformative consciousness.