Michelle Walker: Executive Director

Michelle graduated with degrees in pre-med science and biology. She relocated to the Portland area from Eugene with plans to attend OHSU. However, she soon realized that due to her high student loan debt she needed to seek employment. She took a temporary two month position at a local catalog company which ultimately turned into an eight year career in the fashion industry in the position of a women’s clothing buyer.

After many years in this fashion industry position, Michelle tired of the corporate life and the heavy travel schedule and she chose to terminate her position and seek a job with a much calmer pace. As Michelle had been a long time acquaintance of Still Meadow, she accepted a part time position with this organization. At the same time she became heavily involved as a hospice volunteer as well as a bereavement counselor through the Legacy system. Eventually her part time position turned into a full time position and over the past 14 years she is now involved in the daily management of events as well as numerous other back end duties.

In 2009 Michelle, along with her husband Mark and daughter Taryn, moved into the house at the entrance of the Still Meadow property. In 2018 they purchased the home and the 10 acres it sits on.



Polly Maliongas: Event Coordinator

Polly joins our staff after years of organizing retreats at Still Meadows for another group and knows this land well. She holds undergraduate degrees in religious studies & hospitality administration as well as a Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Polly has combined this knowledge in her work at the Kashi Atlanta Ashram and the Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School where she currently works part-time as the school administrator. At this time of her life,Polly feels she can serve best by supporting retreat participants as they seek healing and spiritual renewal on this special land. She weaves her vast studies of Asian philosophy, Qigong, healing work, and academia to meet the individual where they are and commits to the best interest of all.




Thomas Weatherell: Executive Chef

Thomas has been with Still Meadow for years and has recently accepted the Executive Chef position.

Thomas graduated from L’Academie de cuisine in Washington D.C. in 1984.

He worked as the saucier for the Willard Intercontinental Hotel and the city club of Washington D.C. after graduation. Thomas has more than twenty years of diverse experience in the industry culminating in top positions in French influenced fine dining establishments.

While chef at Le Pommier in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania,  Thomas held the number one ranking by the local NPR magazine. Thomas has taken culinary tours to Bangkok, Saigon, Paris and Nice. He has a strong command of SE Asian cuisine and understands the merit of healthy ingredients to enhance the whole Still Meadow experience.