Attunement and Universal Intelligence ~ March 15 – 17, 2013

The Attunement program is an event we sponsor here at Still Meadow.  What used to be available only to closed groups are now open to the general public. The Attunement process is a wonderful and effective modality to add to your current healing repertoire for both personal and professional use. This is the first time Andrew will be teaching this modality to the general public and we are honored to have him here.
Andrew is a Master Attunement Teacher and Registered Craniosacral Therapist. He has been sharing Attunements for over thirty years. Andrew trained in the Attunement process while living with his mentor for twenty-one years in a spiritual community. It was here that his life changed and he realized that all healing was spiritual healing. Unless this dimension is acknowledged and included in the process of healing, the core of all conditions is not being accessed. He has dedicated his life and, therefore, his lifestyle to living from this core of stillness and wisdom. It is this place of inner connection and balance that he seeks to instill through all the classes, workshops, and seminars that he offers. He also does Long Distance Attunement work with individuals around the world and was selected as a healer by a team of medical doctors at the California Pacific Medical Center to study the effects of distance healing on patients with brain tumors

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