Attunement and Universal Intelligence ~ March 15 – 17, 2013

The Attunement program is an event we sponsor here at Still Meadow.  What used to be available only to closed groups are now open to the general public. The Attunement process is a wonderful and effective modality to add to your current healing repertoire for both personal and professional use. This is the first time Andrew will be teaching this modality to the general public and we are honored to have him here.
Andrew is a Master Attunement Teacher and Registered Craniosacral Therapist. He has been sharing Attunements for over thirty years. Andrew trained in the Attunement process while living with his mentor for twenty-one years in a spiritual community. It was here that his life changed and he realized that all healing was spiritual healing. Unless this dimension is acknowledged and included in the process of healing, the core of all conditions is not being accessed. He has dedicated his life and, therefore, his lifestyle to living from this core of stillness and wisdom. It is this place of inner connection and balance that he seeks to instill through all the classes, workshops, and seminars that he offers. He also does Long Distance Attunement work with individuals around the world and was selected as a healer by a team of medical doctors at the California Pacific Medical Center to study the effects of distance healing on patients with brain tumors

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The Heart of Attunement with Lloyd Meeker November 30 – December 2 2012

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Burning of the Roots Ceremony

We are happy to welcome back for a third consecutive year, a Still Meadow sponsored event, Burning of the Roots Ceremony. This year’s ceremony will once again be facilitated by Danny Pharr. This is a wonderful event to let go of thoughts, emotions, and feelings that are holding you down so you can spring freely into the new year. We’d love to have you here in community with us.

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TaKeTiNa Rhythm Days 2012 (free) Aug 8-15


TaKeTiNa is a unique rhythm process where participants are guided into layers of rhythm: voice, steps and claps.  As the layers of rhythm are created, there can be moments of utter stillness followed by intense moments of chaos!  Yet, within the chaos, there is the opportunity to “fall out” of rhythm only to give you a great chance to “fall” into rhythm.  Which can become an incredible metaphor for life = do we “push”, or can we merely “allow”?

You are invited to experience Taketina, one of the most efficient learning musical potential through rhythm methods available today. It is a process for activating human and musical potential through rhythm.

TaKeTiNa trainings have been held here for over 13 years. We’ve seen cycles of students come and go and have shared wonderful moments with many of them. Each 4 year training cycle concludes with a series of certification workshops. Students in the TaKeTiNa training have an opportunity to gain certification as a teacher in the TaKeTiNa rhythym process, developed by Reinhard Flatischler. Students will demonstrate their skills by each leading a TaKeTiNa journey. These powerful workshops are free and open to the public.

When Beginning Aug. 8 – 15, sixteen TaKeTiNa students will be seeking certification, so there will be 16 workshops.  There is a morning workshop from 10:30 am – 1:00 pm, and an afternoon workshop from 4:00 – 6:30 pm.  You are welcome to attend as many certification workshops as you wish. We are offering a lunch option as well for those interested. Lunch will be served from 1:30 – 2:15 and is $16, paid directly to Still Meadow.

All other inquiries or to reserve your spot in one of the sessions please email Elaine Fong at




To Learn more about the TaKeTiNa experience please view this short YouTube video with founder Reinhard Flatischler.

TaKeTiNa Flatischler YouTube

Click Here to view another video that explains some of the medical research that has been done using the TaKeTiNa method. There are also clips within this video that show past workshops so you can get a better feel of the experience.




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We’re featured in Conscious Dancer magazine!

We are SUPER excited to let people know that Still Meadow has been featured in the latest issue of Conscious Dancer magazine. Here is the link to their site They have a handy ezine reader. If you punch it up to full screen you can read the article. Flip to page 13 where the article, Mathemagical Dance floors, begins and continue to page 14 where it talks of Still Meadow and how architect, Richard Stein, designed the sanctuary space based on the mathematical equations of the Golden Mean. We are happy to be featured in this awesome magazine as one of our goals, when we installed the new bamboo floor, was to attract more movement arts groups both locally and from afar. Because of this we have also decided to place an add in this beautiful publication.

This gorgeous Ad was created by Emily Aslin of (She’s fantastic to work with by the way)

We also want to thank Sweethome Teacup and her yoga group for allowing us to snap several photo’s of them in their yoga poses for the perfect photo to submit to Conscious Dancer for our feature! Sweet Home has decided to come back for another yoga retreat this December 7-9 in our main space. To find out more about her please visit her website

(photo credit of bee on blossom courtesy of Jack Leishman)

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