Dining FAQ

Can I decide about my meals after I arrive at the event? Or purchase as I go?

Meals are arranged prior to your event through the facilitator.

What special dietary considerations do you address?

In general the kitchen is happy to work with events to discuss the types of food served to ensure expectations are met.   Prior to your event the facilitator or coordinator of the event will send you a dietary restrictions form which you will fill out and send back to them.  The facilitator or coordinator will then take the completed information for all participants and will submit to the Executive Chef prior to your event to ensure all group members have a healthy experience during their stay.

Do you provide gluten free options?


Do you provide vegetarian and vegan options?

Yes, we accommodate both.

Can a visiting spouse, partner of friend join me for meals? If so, can we decide at that time?

If a family member or friend would like to accompany a group member this can be arranged with a 12 hour notice. However the menu option may vary depending on availability. Payment can be made to the office.

Are there extra snacks I can purchase?

We do have a snack option that can be added to an event. This is determined by the facilitator of the event and not all facilitators choose this option. We do not have any vending services outside of meal times. Due to our rural location it is strongly advised that you bring a few personal pre-packaged snacks if you feel you will need sustenance between meals.