Sample Menu

Here are 4 sample menus that are offered at Still Meadow. The menus vary depending on availability of the freshest ingredients and the seasonal nature of some foods. We believe in being responsive to our guest’s request. The Executive Chef, Thomas Weatherell, is happy to converse with you to obtain the clearest idea of what you and your guests enjoy eating. This includes conversations on dietary restrictions as well as different ethnic foods which may be favorites. He can be reached at


House Smoked Salmon with Ginger Glaze

Basmati rice
Spelt berry salad with green onion and rice wine vinaigrette
Green salad with sesame dressing
Chocolate decadence


Middle Eastern Dinner

Grilled vegetables
Pita bread


Sesame Chicken with a lemon soy dipping sauce

Vegetable Nori rolls with wasabi
Rice noodle salad
Sautéed green beans
Quinoa salad
Green salad with Sake vinaigrette
Curry macaroons


Pot Roast Dinner

Mashed potatoes
Sautéed red chard
Lentil salad
Jacima cole slaw
Berry crisp