Property Features Gallery

The Labyrinth is one of the oldest contemplative & transformational tools known to humankind, dating back over 3500 years to various cultures around the world. The Cretan Labyrinth is rooted on the island of Crete. The pattern unites the circle and the spiral with sacred geometry, creating a sacred path for us to follow. Each has only one path, serving as a metaphor for the journey of life, opening the doors of self-healing, growth and transformation. Transcend the act of walking into meditation and mystical experience as you explore the labyrinth. Feel free to carry offerings and leave them on the alter in the center of the labyrinth if you wish.


Richardson Creek is a year round creek that runs through the North end of Still Meadow’s property. In December of 2011 the creek trail was restored. Due to erosion there is no direct access into the creek itself however we have created a beautiful space to meditate, read, journal and experience the healing properties of natural running waters.


The fire pit, located on the lawn of the garden area, has been created for ceremony purposes. This is a beautiful place to hold a ceremony over a sacred fire or a warm place to gather for wonderful conversation with friends. As long as there is no burn ban in effect, you may use the fire pit during your event for a nominal nightly fee.


There are several walking trails here at Still Meadow. The Forest Trail will lead you to two old growth Doug Fir trees. This Grandmother and Grandfather duo have been growing together for 800 years. Visit them and listen quietly to the stories they have to tell.