Retreats & Events

We have three venues here at Still Meadow. Our main space, The Sanctuary, is located in Garden house. The main floor space, which is a bamboo floor,  is 48’ by 30’ and the stage is 12’by 21’. This space comfortably holds 144 people seated in theater style. We do however limit the number to 125 people total. This space is also ideal for larger yoga groups and movement arts groups. For photos of this space please click here.

Our second meeting space, Gaia space, is located in Gaia house. The main space of this house is 513 sqft (27 X 19). This space comfortably holds 22 people seated in circular fashion using either chairs or back jacks. This is a wonderful space for smaller groups that prefer a more intimate setting  Past events include writers workshops, yoga, meditation, board retreats and corporate meetings. This house has 7 bedrooms with 15 beds. There is a kitchenette including a sink, a full size refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot, electric tea pot and toaster. For photos of this space please click here.

Our third meeting space is our Studio space. This space is located in the Cedars building. Our 480 sqft (25X20) Studio space has beautiful bamboo hardwood floors and an abundance of natural light due to numerous windows and glass French doors. This space is ideal for movement, dance and yoga events. The studio can be used as a break out space for larger events or can be rented hourly as a stand-alone space. For photos of this space please click here.

Very often we have the ability to double book events. If you see dates on the calendar that you are interested in that are currently booked please call or email the office to see if double booking is possible.

Please note ~ our internal calendar may look different as to what is reflected on-line. Please contact the office to ensure dates you are interested in are in fact available.