We’re featured in Conscious Dancer magazine!

We are SUPER excited to let people know that Still Meadow has been featured in the latest issue of Conscious Dancer magazine. Here is the link to their site ConsciousDancer.com They have a handy ezine reader. If you punch it up to full screen you can read the article. Flip to page 13 where the article, Mathemagical Dance floors, begins and continue to page 14 where it talks of Still Meadow and how architect, Richard Stein, designed the sanctuary space based on the mathematical equations of the Golden Mean. We are happy to be featured in this awesome magazine as one of our goals, when we installed the new bamboo floor, was to attract more movement arts groups both locally and from afar. Because of this we have also decided to place an add in this beautiful publication.

This gorgeous Ad was created by Emily Aslin of EmilyEmilyDesign.com. (She’s fantastic to work with by the way)

We also want to thank Sweethome Teacup and her yoga group for allowing us to snap several photo’s of them in their yoga poses for the perfect photo to submit to Conscious Dancer for our feature! Sweet Home has decided to come back for another yoga retreat this December 7-9 in our main space. To find out more about her please visit her website Teacupyoga.com

(photo credit of bee on blossom courtesy of Jack Leishman)

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